Data Science
as a Service

Our unique Business Blueprint program has been adapted to provide you with a view of how you can leverage your existing systems with Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Process Automation and Software Approaches to address your impending business challenges and enable your business to exploit market opportunities.

Our Approach


  • Drill down on current processes
  • Understand current state
  • Create workflow visual
  • Draw out strengths, weaknesses and critical advantages


  • Apply technology lenses to provide potential future state
  • Map out solutions options with identified benefits
  • Align on recommended actions for implementation
  • Leverage resources and IP library to implement


  • Evaluate benefits from solutions over time
  • Leverage learnings to refine solutions
  • Continuous improvement leveraging data elements captured
  • Ongoing focus on customer success

Business Blueprint

The engagement starts with a drill down of your current processes to deliver a clear understanding of the current state of your functional processes.
The goal is to provide a clear workflow visual, outlining the strengths, weaknesses and specifically drawing out key business critical advantages.
Throughout the process our team will be applying several technology lenses to provide potential future state options that could revolutionize your revenue generation, client satisfaction or operational efficiency.
The consulting team will focus on the three common stages of your business processes:


  • This is the stage of business where your product or service is created for consumption
  • Utilize data driven intelligence to improve your offerings
  • Streamline cost of development and lower time to market


  • Lead lifecycle to improve conversions
  • Lower cost of sale
  • Improve efficacy of sales educationa and enablement


  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Logistics mapping and optimization
  • Customer lifecycle management
  • Event prediction
  • Data/document extraction


  • High level view of current state
  • Summary Assessment
  • High level future state options with potential benefits
  • Recommended actions

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Data Science as a Service