On-Demand Technology Specialists

Experience, Flexibility, Depth of Knowledge, and Personalized Service. These are the cornerstones of Sciata’s approach to our On Demand Services. Delivering the best talent to meet your business and technology objectives is our goal. With experienced leaders in the technology field, we know how to deliver the talent. Our personalized assessment of requirements, a rigorous all-video screening process, flexibility of engagement models and our ability to personalization our approach to fit your needs. This is what makes us unique. Leverage our experience to shorten your fulfillment process and get the right fit for the team. Sciata will deliver the best talent in the shortest timeline.
We strive to give you JUST one candidate, the right candidate!

The Key is Our Process

Intake: Ensure alignment on client’s requirements with meetings on specifics with our team of business and technology experts  

Sourcing: By leveraging our extensive bench and talent pipeline, we quickly identify an initial pool of candidates for consideration.  

Initial Screening: In depth evaluation of the pool of candidates to select only the best matches that meet client’s requirements, including Prescreening for cultural & personality fit to quickly shortlist candidates.  

Deep Technical Screening: We then proceed to in-depth Technical Screening to evaluate candidate’s technical skillset and experience. Often times this will include technical skills test and evaluation tools, but always this screening is done with video observation.   

Client Screening: Coordinate the candidate interview process with the client to streamline the process. Wherever acceptable we ask to sit in on this step to both gather feedback but also provide consistency of video observation.  

Onboarding: Meet the needs of clients by coordinating onboarding activities to achieve accelerate start dates and ease of transition 

Follow up: Provide resource managers who continue to monitor performance and provide coaching

Our extensive list of Brand-Named clients and long-lasting relationships validate our approach. Give us a test drive and experience it for yourselves. One opportunity is all we need to demonstrate Sciata’s value

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On-Demand Tech Specialists