Tech Specialists

Timely talent infusion can make good companies great. Whether a lightning response is needed, or long term mentorship or simply quality workmanship on technical tasks, our teammates have been engaging with our clients on contract basis for over a decade. Sciata recognizes the need to continually grow and promote the individuals in their career accelerations, and energetically onboard the best talent to work with our clients in an on-demand situation, as well as on projects or DSaaS engagements.

Our Approach


  • Client Success Teams continuously work to understand project loads, requirements and needs
  • Hear what hurdles the frontline managers are up against, while maintaining communications with business leadership
  • Weekly touchpoints with recruiting and training teams to maintain a sharp edge on availability, unique talents and ‘ready to deploy skill’.
  • By staying focused on client success, critical timing and fast delivery are prevalent


  • Engage team members and client managers for constant feedback to gain insight on how we can steadily improve and exceed expectations
  • Enable control of timing, term and skill sets deployed
  • Align on predictable, or unpredictable spikes in technical demand
  • Allows for acceptable knowledge transfer gained from multiple industry engagements


  • Time to value, and quantitative ROI
  • Encourages the Client Success Team to be a part of the business’ development and growth
  • Mutual development of quality technical team members drives better recruiting and long term loyalties

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