Project Design
& Implementation

There are times in every business when quality execution within a specific timeframe is needed to ensure success. Our software design and development solutions meet that need with direct engagement via a statement of work focused on time to value.

Our Approach


  • Gain complete understanding of the business drivers behind the project
  • Learn about the vision driving the project, and the measures of success
  • Recognize the critical challenges and pain points that are inhibiting client success
  • Draft insight from potential competitors or like-minded solutions
  • Understand both the short-term need and the long-term potential if created correctly


  • Partner with clients to develop customized solutions to meet their specific requirements
  • Share experience, and intellectual property to accelerate time to value and enable differentiation
  • Consistent and constant communication during development
  • Allow for aggressive entrepreneurial movement prior and during development
  • Leverage client and Sciata industry knowledge to achieve the best solution possible


  • Drive Time to Value
  • Develop solutions that positively impact both organizations
  • Strategically use industry standards, while not shying away from invention
  • Ongoing focus on customer success

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Project Design & Implementation