Improving Data Accuracy and Enhancing Customer Experience Through Building the Right Team



The client was looking to build data pipelines, data cleansing, and migration of data into a single, centralized repository. To do this, the client needed to build a team of a wide-range of skills, including roles such as Quality Assurance (QA), Business Intelligence, and Business Analysts. The project needed to be staffed within 3 weeks, so we had to move quickly.


We were able to put a team of highly skilled developers in place quickly, meeting their 3-week deadline. Our team collaborated with the client to streamline the QA process and build the required dashboards.


We have continued working with the client for over 6 months, building data pipelines, data cleansing and migration. Our team has completed phase 1 of the project, and the client is already seeing improvements in data accuracy to enhance the customer experience. We are continuing to work with the client to build a brand new data repository and CRM system.


Our responsiveness to analyze the customer’s needs and scope allowed us to quickly build a team very specific to their requirements.

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